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Commissioning Services

Every building whether it is old or new is recommended to persue commissioning services. We at K2D, are the
best in the business. We have been offering commissioning to clients for several years and have ensured that
their building and projects meet all necessary requirements.

Commissioning Services

What is commissioning?

Commissioning services are acquired by a third-party verification of the energy related systems of a building, to confirm that all systems are performing at optimum levels. At K2D we have a cutting-edge quality assured process, which provides tailored training procedures and operating manuals and preventive and predictive maintenance plans for all users. All commission services delivered by us are in accordance with LEED and based on ASHRAE Guidelines.

We have an experienced, licensed and fully-trained commissioning team capable of handling diverse workloads and helping bring top-notch value to commissioning on any property. Our commissioning services are designed for

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and respective controls
  • Lighting and day lighting controls
  • Domestic hot water
  • Renewable energy

Once the project is near its end, we will verify all equipment’s consuming energy that are installed and running on the property based on its design and specifications. This is done to ensure that the building is functioning properly at full occupancy and isn’t wasting any energy.

We have a dedicated commissioning staff that meticulously spends time performing facility assessments, detailed cost analysis, designing systems, and performing energy analysis. All of that is done to ensure that your building is functioning at optimum levels and meets all requirements.

Services We Offer

MEP ServicesMEP Services
Title 24 Report & Energy AnalysisTitle 24 Report &
Energy Analysis
Heating A/C & Ventilation DesignHeating A/C &
Ventilation Design
Facilities System DesignFacilities System
Plumbing DesignPlumbing Design
Fire Sprinkler DesignFire Sprinkler
LEED CertificationLEED Certification
Electrical DesignElectrical Design
Commissioning DesignCommissioning Design
Solar DesignSolar Design