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What is Title 24?

It was created to raise standards of energy efficiency and ensure that all existing and new buildings meet the new energy efficiency requirements. It is also meant to regulate and preserve indoor and outdoor environment quality.

California recognized in the 1970s that energy consumption was having a negative effect on the environment, and something had to be done to regulate energy consumption. The State Legislature passed the Warren Alquist State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Act. It came into existence from a batter over power plant sitting, which led to a historic compromise between environmentalists and utilities.

What is MEP Services?

Our mechanical and electrical engineers are all licensed and experienced specialists in MEP design, which stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Our mechanical engineers oversee and design from the simplest to the most complex HVAC systems. The plumbing designers will offer design specifics for complicated projects piping needs, while we have separate fire protection engineers as well.

The electrical engineers are mainly offering services related to lighting systems,control systems, signalization, fire alarm, telecommunications, and building power distribution.

MEP Services-k2d Engineering Services
Commissioning services- K2D Consulting Engineers

What is commissioning?

Commissioning services are acquired by a third-party verification of the energy related systems of a building, to confirm that all systems are performing at optimum levels. At K2D we have a cutting-edge quality assured process, which provides tailored training procedures and operating manuals, and preventive and predictive maintenance plans for all users. All commission services delivered by us are in accordance with LEED and based on ASHRAE Guidelines.

We have an experienced, licensed and fully-trained commissioning team capable of handling diverse workloads and helping bring top-notch value to commissioning on any property.

What is facilities system?

At K2D, we are industry experts with extensive experience in designing systems for all kinds of facilities in every type of industry. We have worked with an extensive range of manufacturing and distribution clients to design their facilities and systems. Our knowledge and experience in using cutting-edge technology and cost-effective principles allows us to offer current facility expansion and modification, along with legacy system upgrades and new system designs for the facilities.

Our process starts by understanding the necessary data and needs of our clients. Once we have complete knowledge of the requirements,

Facilities System -K2D Consulting Engineers
Plumbing Design- K2D Consulting Engineers

What is Plumbing Design?

At K2D, we are professionals of the highest order and have plumbing design experts, who can make a world of difference to any building. The plumbing system of any building is just as complex and the structural design. That is why it is important for every new building to have a fully functional and well-designed plumbing system, as it helps protect against water wastage.

Our plumbing design services are designed to provide accurate and highly effective plumbing engineering solutions in adherence with industry standards. We have experienced plumbing engineers, who can design the inside and outside plumbing systems of a building, including


At K2D we take fire safety extremely seriously, as it is something you shouldn’t ever ignore or take lightly. The lives of everyone on the property at stake, which is why the fire suppression system of any building should be top-notch. We have extensive experience in fire sprinkler design, and have a team that offers code compliant, automatic fire protection system designs. When implemented these designs will ensure that complete safety of all occupants in the building.

We have great experience in the design, installation, and maintenance of automatic fire sprinkler systems, and use cutting-edge technology to ensure fire protection in residential, commercial or industrial enterprises.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems-K2D Consulting Engineers
U.S Green Building Council

What is Leed Certification?

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a globally recognized green building certification system. If is a third-party, verification is needed for buildings or communities that were designed and constructed using strategies for improving performance in:

  • Energy savings
  • Water efficiency
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Improved indoor environmental quality
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Sensitivity to their impacts


Electrical drafting and design services for all buildings and facilities today need precision and high-end detailing. At K2D we have years of experience in electrical design and have a team of skilled electrical engineers, who have worked on the design and layout of electrical aspects for all buildings.

We have specialists in electrical engineering design and electrical engineering drafting, who have delivered full service automated systems for large scale commercial and industrial projects. We are committed to developing technical solutions with ongoing engineering design, ongoing engineering support, and consultation on every project.

Electrical Drafting and Design Services-K2D Consulting Engineers
Solar Design- K2D Consulting Engineers

What is Solar Design?

K2D has been at the forefront of ever-changing and progressive solar industry. Our team of solar engineers have been collaborating with clients on solar energy solutions for decades. They are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge on solar thermal and solar PV engineering and design. We also have experts for solar battery storage systems.

We have been offering solar engineering and design services by creatively integrating renewable energy systems into utility infrastructures and buildings with great results. We are solar and engineering professionals who offer support utilities, wind energy, solar thermal, solar electric, solar thermal systems.

What is Heating, A/C & Ventilation Design?

The main purposes of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system is to help maintain good indoor air temperature while also providing adequate ventilation and air filtration, ensuring the quality of the air in your facility. HVAC systems can consume a great deal of energy so the choice and design of the HVAC system is very important. K2D Consulting Engineers is experienced in designing high quality and efficient heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Let our award winning engineers design a quality system that will ultimately save you money while efficiently providing an indoor air quality that is maintainable, cost-effective, and enjoyed year round.

HVAC Systems-K2D Consulting Engineers