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Solar Design Los Angeles


K2D has been at the forefront of ever-changing and progressive solar industry. Our team of solar engineers have been collaborating with clients on solar energy solutions for decades. They are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge on solar thermal and solar PV engineering and design. We also have experts for solar battery storage systems.
We have been offering solar engineering and design services by creatively integrating renewable energy systems into utility infrastructures and buildings with great results. We are solar and engineering professionals who offer support utilities, wind energy, solar thermal, solar electric, solar thermal systems.
Our team has delivered numerous designs and engineering services for several locations, featuring services like solar installations for small-scale and large-scale residential systems, along with commercial buildings as well. Here are some of the solar design and installation services that we offer:

Rooftop Installations

If you want rooftop installations for solar panels, we are the experts you need. We handle all types of installations, from roof-mount and small peak systems for municipal buildings to large ballasted rooftop systems for educational and commercial buildings.

Ground Mount Installations

Our team also handles ground mounted photovoltaic systems for distributed generation and utility scale installations.

Canopy Installations

We are also experienced in canopy-mount photovoltaic structures, which can be installed above rooftops, parking lots, and wastewater tanks.

Multi-Site Programs

It doesn’t matter what type of solar design, engineering and installation services you require, we have experience in handling solar installations of all sizes and types.

Solar Design Los Angeles

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Solar Design

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