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LEED certification

What is LEED certification?

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a globally recognized green building certification system. If it is a third-party, verification is needed for buildings or communities that were designed and constructed using strategies for improving performance in:

  • Energy savings
  • Water efficiency
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Improved indoor environmental quality
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Sensitivity to their impacts

At K2D, we offer cutting-edge and affordable technology to help clients meet all LEED requirements. We have great experience and expertise in working collaboratively with project team members and stakeholders on every project.
We have decades of experience in sustainable design and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients acquire a superior building of great value with authentic LEED certification.

What does LEED certification mean for you?

The LEED certification works for every type of building anywhere in its lifecycle. It doesn’t matter whether it is a historical building, a data center, or a hospital, there is a LEED certification for every building project out there. Here is what LEED certification offers you:

  • Reduction of waste sent to landfills
  • Conservation of water and energy
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Qualify for tax allowances, zoning accommodations and other incentives
  • Lower costs of operation and increased asset value

The LEED certification is meant to provide you with peace of mind in the knowledge that you fulfilled all social and environmental responsibilities as a business. There has been an increase in green buildings, which promote healthier living by helping protect and co-exist in harmony with the environment. Get in touch now to learn more about our LEED certification service.

LEED certification service.

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