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Green Plumbing

Green engineering isn’t only about solar panels on the roof of your building. People often only think of plumbing as a couple of pipes running water in and out of a building with a hot water tank stowed away in a corner. A professional plumbing engineer in Los Angeles will both tell you and demonstrate that much more is involved. From residential to modest sized industrial/retail, to highly complex buildings, there are multiple intricate utility systems involved.

Beyond the hot water tank, plumbing systems have to work together to distribute water at the right pressure and the right time throughout the building as well as connect to sewer and wastewater systems and more. When it comes to green plumbing, it is imperative that you utilize the services of an experienced plumbing engineer in Los Angeles to transform rainwater into water reusable throughout the building and landscape. And just as importantly, to reduce your utility costs.

Green Plumbing Requires a Collaborative Approach

An integrated green plumbing design begins with K2D Consulting Engineers’ collaborative approach to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system designs. A MEP consultant needs to synergize plumbing with civil, mechanical, and other engineering specialties. The larger the scale of the project, the higher the cost savings and the less environmental impact from a “whole-building integrated system.”

K2D plumbing engineers specialize in a “whole-building” concept to integrate all environment systems by recycling air, water, and waste. We all know that our natural resources are limited in California – especially water. Green plumbing creates a synergy effect because conserving water also helps reduce air pollution while conserving our other resources like electricity, coal, gas, and diesel. The California Energy Commission considers California’s water-energy relationship as critical to sustainability and good environmental stewardship.

K2D Solutions 

Both new construction and renovation of existing infrastructure ties together a building’s multiple ecosystems. Basic subparts of the plumbing system include water access, sewer, storm water drains, and the fire suppression system. Basic plumbing system assimilation begins with:

  • Storm water design
  • Sewer Waste and Vent Design
  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water Distribution Design
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Other special water and waste systems

Water and energy are the two conservation factors at the heart of any truly “green” plumbing system. It begins with reduced volume fixtures, low-flush toilets, and low-flow or waterless urinals. More progressive solutions deal with reducing energy required for water storage, distribution, and usage. All are components of environmentally friendly plumbing system.

By integrating your plumbing needs, K2D plumbing engineers and our fully integrated team reduces your carbon footprint along with lowering your monthly utility bills.

For further information or to schedule an appointment please contact K2D a leading Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical (MEP) Firm in Los Angeles at 310.935.3773 visit to learn more.

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