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MEP consultants in Los Angeles

MEP consultants in Los Angeles perform a very important role in obtaining and maintaining title 24 complaince as well as maximizing the value of construction or modification projects in other ways. Whether you are an architect, a builder, project manager, or an engineer; professional mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services do make a difference in the value of the project.

Today’s construction operates at a fast pace, requiring rapid and accurate answers to questions and changing requirements. This demonstrates the value of forward-thinking MEP consultants in Los Angeles such as the experts at K2D who anticipate how today’s solutions will impact all other systems not only immediately, but in the weeks and months to come, as well as the aftermath of the project.

Facilities System Design experts combine technology, system integration, cost-effective principles, functionality, and human comfort to leverage a competitive advantage for new facility designs, expansions, renovations, and legacy system upgrades. The roles of technology and integration are rapidly evolving, making it paramount that new designs and upgrades be as close to cutting-edge as financially feasible.

Electrical and Lighting Design experts spotlight your lighting needs but also provide more energy-efficient savings across all electrical systems including automated controls, power distribution, security systems, and fire protection. We bring creative and integrated solutions to today’s challenging electrical design requirements that only begin with creativity, integration of lamp technology, innovative products, and cost-effective solutions.

HVAC System experts play one of the most important roles in title 24 compliance. Besides temperature control, the systems provide needed ventilation, exhaust, and filtration for indoor environments. HVAC systems are one of the largest energy consumers. System design, equipment selection, installation, operation, and maintenance all play critical roles in providing comfort, running efficiently, and ultimately saving you money while reducing your energy requirements.

Plumbing experts cover much more than water and sewer systems. Also involved are water conservation, water supply, reclaiming water, drinking water, and irrigation. But that is only the water component of plumbing. Also involved are natural gas, compressed air, fire suppression, vacuum systems, and storm water to mention a few. Some facilities such as laboratories and manufacturing plants have highly intricate systems that benefit from specialty plumbing solutions with longevity, functionality, and efficiency in mind.

Solar expertise goes well beyond generating electricity. As a catchall phrase for sustainable energy, it demonstrates the importance of a multi-expert approach. Including wind energy, solar thermal, solar electric, and solar hot water achieves significant and increased reductions in carbon emissions. Integration accomplishes cost efficiencies that go beyond future energy cost savings. Innovative solutions only begin with rooftop solar, canopy installations, ground-mounted systems, and multi-site programs.

Title 24 experts  provide compliance design and guidance for all existing and new buildings. Services are available to builders, designers, architects, and homeowners. Services include systems analysis, energy studies, LEED design, whole building testing, commissioning services, remedial solutions, construction administration, design for retrofit and renovation, MEP diagnostics, assessments, and investigation.

As leading MEP consultants in Los Angeles, K2D pays the closest attention to detail to make Title 24 compliance cost-effective in every way, especially when fully integrated throughout a building’s entire design envelope.


For further information or to schedule a consultation please contact K2D at 310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

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