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MEP Engineering Consulting Los Angeles

At K2D, with the stated goal of “Helping Build a Greener Tomorrow, Today,” we set the bar high for quality MEP engineering consulting services. Because the projects our MEP consultants support are intended to last for many generations, our team is always open to and searching for creative solutions and alternative possibilities that will last long into the future.

MEP Consults Core Processes and Techniques

Creative solutions and alternative possibilities must be built from core competencies. Our team of MEP consultants use state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to create sustainable designs to ensure quality that is never compromised during any stage of your building’s life cycle.
At the core of K2D are:

MEP Design and Implementation is a Core Component of our Longstanding Track Record of Success

Innovation and Creativity Build on Core Competencies

K2D is industry recognized for its innovative and collaborative approaches to mechanical, electrical, plumbing,and solar system designs that achieve our client’s objectives for comfort, sustainability, functionality, and ease of maintenance. As only a single example among dozens of large projects, the 28th Street Renovation of Historic YMCA added 52 Units that resulted in being awarded LEED Gold as well as a 2015 National AIA Honor Award. Another is the 27,500 sq.ft.Tricom project LEED Silver Commercial Office Building thatwon a Gold Nugget Award.

K2D’s team of professional MEP consultants offers solutions for a wide range of building projects that include:

Commercial, medical, industrial, residential, and many other building services all benefit from K2D’s creative MEP solutions. From designing and maintaining HVAC systems to creating custom solar solutions, our MEP consultants are fully committed to design-build excellence that’s integrated into our core processes. Beginning withthe evaluation of design alternatives in collaboration with our customers, we weigh investment costs, calculate ongoing operating expenses, and make expert recommendations that add value and optimize budgets and schedules.

Innovative Designs and Practical Solutions

Building projects require owners and architects to take on a lot of risks. Creativity for the sake of creativity isn’t the answer. Your choice of MEP consultants shouldn’t be one of your risks. K2D has a team of LEED-accredited licensed engineers, who are committed to delivering supreme quality engineering design and custom services to clients. Our depth of expertise, strong collaborative process, and sensitivity to each project’s architectural, efficiency, environmental, and phasing requirements are demonstrated by numerous endorsements from clients as well as awards of excellence from the industry.

K2D Mitigates Risks by Employing Innovative Designs and Practical Solutions

If for example, within a renovation we might find an opportunity to repurpose an existing piece of mechanical equipment by retrofitting it for a similar or related use where it continues to serve for another 10 years or longer. This type of thinking is practical, innovative, and cost-saving.

Our MEP consultants use many advanced tools to find ways of improving the efficiency and comfort in new and renovated buildings. One of those is 3D REVIT modeling which is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that functions as a foundation in the digital transformation within the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

3D REVIT works across the full architectural design of a facility. It provides full illustration through 3D modeling to discover and digitally test creative solutions as well as identify potential system conflicts/interference while also minimizing the size of system envelopes. An important end result is greater quality assurance.

K2D is About Learning, Innovating, and Solving Your Complex Problems

K2D a Professional Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical (MEP) Firm provides specific solutions to your project challenges. Our MEP consultants are highly trained and experienced. We work closely with architects and owners to provide successful coordination of building systems. K2D provides the best design solutions that are cost-effective today and well into the future. Today’s facilities must be built to last many decades with the foresight to ensure a maximum lifecycle. For further information or to schedule a consultation please contact K2D at 310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

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