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MEP Consultants in Los Angeles

MEP consultants and MEP contractors are not the same although working together creates a dynamic synergy. The important difference is that MEP consultants evaluate your requirements to find the most efficient, cost effective, and totally integrated solutions. MEP contractors have a thorough understanding of the systems and perform the work to achieve full compliance and efficiency.

MEP consultants analyze and foresee MEP issues and solve them. MEP contractors schedule the work and the sequence to ensure the work is completed according to the guidelines, standards, and requirements. The term MEP consultant is often used interchangeably with MEP designer or MEP engineer. What K2D brings to your project is a trusted advisor to be a resource beyond traditional engineering services.

The design and analysis work together for seamless and reliable system integration. Working together with MEP contractors, MEP consultants can resolve potential issues in the pre-construction stage to save construction costs and time.

Advanced Consulting and Design

K2D focuses on every aspect of the design, integration, and implementation processes to ensure that the concepts translate into systems that enhance your building performance today and are adaptable to your future needs. Value-added engineering is about unique combinations of services that deliver a commitment to quality throughout the budget-conscious design processes.

Communication and Coordination

Every construction project requires detailed communication across multiple trades and engineering skills. Project owners, architects, contractors, operation managers, and others must be able to envision the increase in value that fully integrated and energy efficient systems bring to the project. As MEP consultants, K2D is a well-established team known for its energy efficient and detailed drawings along with comprehensive coordination with everyone involved.

K2D MEP consultant services are ready to handle any new construction, renovation, infrastructure, assessment, and/or technical study project that you have. For further information or to schedule a consultation please contact K2D at 310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

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