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MEP Consultants

During the building design process, it is the ideal time to explore and implement long-term business benefits. MEP consultants use the design process to maximize long-term benefits instead of viewing it as an unwanted expense. Smart decisions today will benefit your bottom line costs for the lifetime of the building – 50 years or longer.

Professional MEP consultants reduce one-time construction costs while fine-tuning the functioning of building systems for peak performance in ways that minimize operating and maintenance costs.

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers follow a guiding light that enhances building performance while significantly reducing costs. Hence, engineering must be considered a long-term investment paying major dividends. The benefits achieved are always much greater than the costs incurred.

MEP consultants understand the critical importance of smart equipment selection, layouts, and operational maintenance from the very beginning!

  • Equipment selection needs to be based on the intended application if it is to deliver the highest performance. This requires the right capacity for low energy consumption while also being fully compatible with networked systems that all fit into the allotted space.
  • Smart layouts are achieved by minimizing the lengths of electrical conduit, plumbing pipe, and HVAC ductwork to reduce both material and installation costs without sacrificing performance.
  • Long and short-term maintenance is never overlooked because of the lack of easy access and difficult to maintain equipment.They are costly in many ways, especially unwanted downtime.Ease of maintenance results in longer service life, less vibration, and reduced noise.

Every construction and renovation project has unique requirements serving the purpose of the building and the occupants that only a team of multi-disciplined MEP consultants are uniquely capable of integrating.

An Integrated System

MEP consultants understand the importance of designing individual systems into a single integrated system. People without these specialized skills and knowledge do not realize that here can be system clashes with something as basic as equipment locations.

Bigger is not better. An integrated clash-less system takes advantage of part sizes. For example, oversized chillers and boilers tend to cycle rapidly, wearing down faster and creating indoor temperature fluctuations. But the smaller size of electrical conduit and parts allows for a more flexible design to accommodate the optimal positioning of larger components such as plumbing and HVAC equipment. MEP design software enables optimized wiring layout with minimal total circuit length and avoids location conflicts with mechanical and plumbing installations.

To the surprise of some people, water and electrical are integrated systems. High-rise buildings need electric water booster pumps, while homes need electricity at the water heater and for heat exchangers. HVAC systems move air with electric fans. Everything is controlled by integrated computer circuits.

MEP consultants optimize the entire integrated system to maximize cost savings during construction, occupant comfort, and energy savings while minimizing the building’s lifetime maintenance costs.

K2D provides specific solutions to your project challenges. We work closely with architects and owners to provide successful coordination of building systems. K2D provides the best design solutions that are cost-effective today and well into the future. Today’s facilities must be built to last many decades with the foresight to ensure a maximum lifecycle.

Our collaborative and multi-disciplinary style brings diverse technical expertise to your specific project. Regardless of size or complexity, we bring one essential constant to every project: the personal touch that your project deserves.

For further information or to schedule a consultation, please contact K2D at 310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

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