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Solar Panel System Design

Installing solar panels at your residential or commercial property is a great way to save money and play an important role in ensuring a greener future. At K2D, your top MEP consultants in Los Angeles, we recognize that you want to make the most of the 284 days of sunshine we receive annually since harnessing solar energy is such an obvious and advantageous way to improve your home or business operation efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why you should invest in solar panels for your property.

Energy Costs are Rising

You know that solar paneling saves you money, but did you know it can also protect you against rising energy costs? If you are a homeowner or business owner with fluctuating income, having solar panels installed can help fix your rates and prevent you from facing the uncertainty of price increases. With a more stable billing cycle, you’ll be able to budget better in the future.

Increase your Property Value

As renewable energy sources continue to rise in popularity, homebuyers are educating themselves about their benefits and seeking out properties equipped with solar panels. Several studies have shown that homes that have solar panels already installed garner higher property values than those without them in the same neighborhoods.

Going Green

Solar panels are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint in a meaningful way. By installing solar panels at your residential property, homeowners are able to reduce their carbon emissions by 3-4 tons per year, which is the equivalent of planting more than 100 trees.

For business owners, sustainability and responsible operations are huge draws for consumers. ‘Green’ practices increase consumer feelings of goodwill, which in turn bring repeat business and drive purchasing decisions. By operating in an environmentally friendly way, businesses are reaping the rewards and recognition by consumers and by the community, as well as benefitting the planet and reducing costs.

Built for Longevity

Solar panel systems are designed to be durable. With zero moving parts, they do not sustain damage easily. Every solar panel installed by K2D is extensively tested to ensure they can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as heat, snow, hail, and high winds.

Whether you have your solar panels installed on a rooftop, canopy-mounted, or ground-mounted, our experienced installers will make sure they are creatively integrated for lasting efficiency. For further information or to schedule a consultation please contact the professionals at K2D at 310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

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