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Title 24 Compliant Building Services

Title 24 Compliant

In 1978, California established “The California Energy Code, or Title 24, Part 6 of the California Code of Regulations.” Title 24 aims to reduce energy use and offers the possibility to maximize building efficiency. Title 24 compliance , however, poses several challenges: (1) how to increase the complexity of lighting projects, (2) compliance standards with uncertain returns, and (3) the delay of new projects to avoid facing Title 24 compliance. To make the most out of Title 24 compliance, here are four tips for how to handle transitioning to Title 24:

  1. Embrace Innovation

    New things can be frightening. Title 24 compliance requires micro-zone automation, continuous dimming, and lighting uniformity. It’s impossible to achieve these features without an advanced lighting control system. Rather than resist these profound changes, a forward-thinking, motivated perspective allows companies to more fully accept the effect of Title 24 and maximize its results.

  2. Appreciate Change

    Title 24 is a worthwhile change. Remedying complaints that lighting is too dim or too harsh, Title 24 compliance expands the possibilities for commercial spaces in areas including, but not limited to, lighting. By constructing the lighting features required, you are enabling other types of building optimization.

  3. Focus on the Customer

    Title 24 compliance affects numerous customers including facility managers, contractors, building owners, and other interested parties. For these customers, Title 24 is lucrative because energy-related operating costs come with a reasonable payback on investment. Title 24 is also appealing to customers because the standard fills a previous gap in building management, which previously relied on cost-heavy and inaccurate measurement methods.

  4. Focus on the Advantages to Your Own Company

    Not just an expensive compliance standard, Title 24 comes with a variety of rebates and incentives for your company. Title 24 standards must also be met to satisfy a variety of incentives including Property-Assessed Clean Energy (Pace) Programs in Sonoma County and other areas of California.

K2D offers Residential & Commercial Title 24 Energy Calculation Services to homeowners, architects, designers, and builders. After reviewing your facility’s design, we ensure that energy calculations are taken accurately and efficiently to ensure compliance to energy standards. For further information or questions please visit or contact us at 310.935.3773.

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