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Title 24 Compliance

Title 24 only affects non-residential building light systems in California. Because lighting is expensive in California, Title 24 was created as an energy code. While Title 24 only applies to non-residential buildings within California, however, there are benefits to be found in Title 24 that even states outside of California should consider taking steps to implement Title 24 standards. This article will explore reasons why all companies should switch to Title 24 standards:

  • Save Money. By implementing Title 24 standards, companies can save money that would otherwise be spent on lighting. Because all companies are interested in saving money, Title 24 compliance is a very lucrative transition.
  • Technologically Friendly. Title 24 puts clients at the leading edge of technology and minimizes the impact that these systems have on the environment. Many companies strive to be at the forefront of technological development and by meeting Title 24 standards, companies can be sure to have the most technologically advanced lighting systems.
  • Holistic Changes. Title 24 compliance requires lighting professionals to consider not just building-wide lighting but also micro-zone control. Because Title 24 requires that all lighting systems in a non-residential space support multi-level lighting, these systems have the added holistic benefit of making sure that individuals who use each lighting system are afforded the right time of lighting for every situation.
  • Customer Value. Your customer might include a business owner, building manager, or another party. While prior lighting requirements involved harsh systems to reduce a building’s electricity costs, Title 24 systems afford a much higher and more efficient level of quality which is guaranteed to please customers.
  • Better Lighting Experiences. The occupants of a building value comfortable lighting which positively affects productivity and emotional well-being. Prior lighting compliances were merely focused on keeping the lights dim to save cost, while Title 24 offers better lighting experiences to all individuals who work within a building. Many companies are interested in offering employees the best in working conditions and Title 24 currently provides the best lighting solutions.
  • The Future of Change. Title 24 is likely to create similar regulations elsewhere in the country. At the moment, Title 24 positions California as a leader in energy efficient lighting. By utilizing the forward-thinking methods of Title 24, companies can prepare to incorporate the future of lighting systems.
  • Other Optimization Opportunities. By utilizing the technological advantages offered by Title 24, companies are likely to also take the steps to utilize other optimization opportunities to ensure that non-residential buildings have many amenities that are desired by top line businesses and organizations. As a result, companies are likely to want to appear at the forefront of technological developments.

There are many reasons for companies to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Title 24 compliance. As one of the leading consulting firms, K2D offer Residential & Commercial Title 24 Energy Calculation Services to homeowners, architects, designers, and builders. After reviewing your facility’s design, we ensure that energy calculations are taken accurately and efficiently to ensure compliance to energy standards. For further information or questions please contact K2Ds at 310.305.1555 or visit

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