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Title 24 Compliant Building Design

The rationale behind California’s Title 24 compliance initiative was to reduce the incredible amounts of wasteful and unnecessary energy consumption in new and existing buildings.

A steady stream of reports from throughout the country say Millennials and Gen Z-ers are increasingly on board with requirements for sustainable approaches to the buildings in which they live.

Do More People Want Green Features in Their Homes?

It sure looks like it.

A survey of nearly 28,000 residents across the country confirmed that most want green features in their homes and apartments.

Those most in favor of sustainable energy sources –wind and solar power – were Gen X-ers (those born bet. 1965-1979). Even Baby Boomers (born bet. 1946-1964) placed heavy emphasis on energy efficient appliances.

In another survey, Millennials (born 1980 and after) said they’d be willing to pay higher rent in order to live in a green community.

The Rise of Green, Sustainable Construction Grows Nationwide

As we wrote in a previous blog entry, sustainable construction is gaining a foothold for a host of reasons. For starters, it’s more cost-effective and it’s better for our health, whether living or working in green buildings.

While California set the stage for sustainable construction in 1978, it is now becoming popular in just about every state in the U.S.

Under the leadership of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a new voluntary green building system is in place called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

In Spokane Valley, Washington, a new $150 million factory – the largest lumber facility of its kind in the U.S. – opened last week, and was constructed with sustainable construction techniques.

According to the USGBC, one area experiencing significant growth in LEED certified buildings is education. The agency says there are currently 2,300 LEED-certified schools globally, and 2,200 more that have begun the process.

Results from those schools show the benefits of sustainable techniques – specifically lighting with daylighting strategies. Student performances have increased by 20 percent in math and 26 percent in reading.

The Key Takeaway

Numbers can be stubborn but facts clearly show that property owners who embrace green initiatives such as the ones required for Title 24 compliance will appeal to a wide range of those who want to use their buildings – either for living, for working or for education.

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