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Solar Installations in Los Angeles

The benefits of solar energy are undeniable; by utilizing the power of the sun, both residential and commercial users can harness the energy they need. There are also numerous financial benefits of using solar energy; not only are there substantial tax incentives for going solar, but there is also the ability to sell excess energy back from your solar system design to the grid, meaning you’ll be making a profit instead of paying a bill.

At K2D, we pride ourselves on standing at the forefront of the solar industry. As technology continues to drive increased efficiency, more and more people will be turning to professionals for solar system design, we will be there every step of the way.

Many people think of solar panels solely as large attachments covering the roof of a building, but rapid developments in solar technology now provide access to a wide array of solar system designs. With so many variations to choose from, you should be able to find a configuration perfect for your particular circumstances, needs, and budget.

K2D have extensive experience with traditional rooftop installations, which take on many different forms based on the needs of the project. We have experience with rooftop installations of solar energy systems of all sizes, from the small peak, roof-mount systems perfect for municipal facilities all the way up to ballasted solar energy systems for large-scale commercial and educational facilities.

There are also ways to take advantage of solar energy systems that your organization may not have considered, such as a canopy installation. Perfect for a situation where there is a large physical area to cover, but no roof to place traditional solar tiles, we can design a system using canopy-mount photovoltaic structures. This approach calls for the installation of these canopy structures over large areas such as parking lots and wastewater tanks. Canopy systems can also be used on rooftops in situations where installing the panels on the roof is impractical.

Another option to explore is a ground mount installation. This solar energy system consists of ground-mounted photovoltaic components which are usually free-standing and not connected to a building. Ground mount systems are a great choice for both utility scale installations and distributed generation.

The professionals at K2d also believe in harnessing the benefits of the economy of scale, which brings significant economic advantages to a project. By designing and installing multi-site programs, our government and private sector clients alike can maximize their solar energy system efficiency and minimize costs.

If you are considering a solar energy system for your project, contact the professionals at K2d. Whether your project is public or private sector, large or small, you’ve found the right firm. For question or to schedule a consultation please contact K2d at 310.935.3773 or visit for further information.

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