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As a trend-setting state, California continues to set the standard for sustainability and environmental responsibility through its Title 24 initiative. Propelling it forward is its commitment to Zero Net Energy (ZNE).

What is Zero Net Energy?

In this issue, the Title 24 compliance experts at K2D Consulting Engineers – reputable mechanical engineers in Los Angeles – will discuss the importance of ZNE, and how home and business owners can achieve it.

What is Zero Net Energy?

ZNE is defined by the Title 24 initiative as “consuming only as much energy annually as can be generated on-site via a renewable energy system.”

In short, a ZNE structure (home or business) is one in which just as much energy or slightly less is consumed than is produced on the premises.

As for potential savings, California Energy Commission (CEC) officials believe that after 30 years of constructing ZNE-focused structures, the amount of energy consumed will be enough to equal the output of 12 large power complexes.

How Do Business and Homeowners Achieve Zero Net Energy?

According to guidance from the California Energy Commission, the majority of savings can be found by the inclusion of:

  • High-performance walls that increases insulation
  • Tankless gas water heaters
  • High-performance lighting that reduces current
  • High-performance attics

How Can I Get to Zero Net Energy?

Here at K2D Consulting Engineers, we develop and implement energy savings strategies for home and business owners alike. If you haven’t taken the initial steps towards Zero Net Energy, it is never too late.

To Learn More about Title 24 Compliance and Zero Net Energy, Contact K2D Consulting Engineers

The potential savings associated with Title 24 and Zero Net Energy make compliance well worth the effort.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’d be happy to develop a plan of action for you.

Serving California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Arizona and Canada, the MEP engineering professionals at K2D Consulting Engineers are committed to providing difference-making designs and cost-effective engineering designs.

In addition to residential projects, we also have vast experience in designing and providing services for those in the health care, aviation, educational, energy, science and technology, and LEED industries.

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