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Title 24 compliance

The money saving aspects of Title 24 compliance can be found in four key areas: more heavily insulated walls, lighting that reduces energy use by half, tankless water heaters and efficiently designed attics.

In this issue, the Title 24 compliance experts at K2D Consulting Engineers – reputable mechanical engineers in Los Angeles – will focus on the advantages of high-performance attics. While attics may not appear to be an exciting feature, the title 24 compliance requirements provides home and business owners with a lot of flexibility.

Why are Attics Included in Title 24?

Attics are vital to the success of energy use reduction, as they can be designed in ways that reduce the heat transfer from the structure.
The results can lead to better ventilation, lower power bills and easier-to-handle loads for air conditioners.

What Options Do Owners have with High-Performance Attics?

Working with your builder, you’ll have the option of either increasing the amount of sealant and insulation to your attic or move your duct system into a space that is specifically designed to handle it.
You can move your duct system by opting to utilize a ductless system or simply by placing the duct work in parts of the structure that are cooled or heated.

Do I Need a Mechanical Engineer for High-Performance Attic Design?

It is in your best interest to leverage the skill set and experience of a mechanical engineer to design your high-performance attic.
For starters, you’ll need the expert advice to sort through the myriad of insulation options that need to match the best insulation system for your structure.

For Title 24 compliance Answers, call K2D Consulting Engineers

There are many different – and complicated – components to Title 24 compliance. As licensed, experienced and trusted mechanical engineers, we’re here to guide you through the process.
Serving California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Arizona and Canada, the MEP engineering professionals at K2D Consulting Engineers are committed to providing cost-effective engineering designs.
In addition to residential projects, we also have vast experience in designing and providing services for those in the health care, aviation, educational, energy, science and technology, and LEED industries.
To find out how we can help you save money, contact K2D Consulting Engineers at 310.305.1555 or via email and for further information please visit

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