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Best MEP Consulting Engineers in Los Angeles

K2D Consulting Engineers are already sharing their expertise across the country’s western region by delivering outstanding services in Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, and California. The NRDC report answered the questions about if California is doing something right. It finds that while the entire US economy has become more energy-efficient, “California reduced its use of fossil fuels per unit of economic output by 70 percent. For the other 49 states collectively, the reduction was only 60 percent.” At first glance, that difference of ten percent might not sound like much, but the total impact is enormous. Accumulatively, that ten percent amounts to “as much as the tailpipe emissions of all US passenger vehicles that year.” (The year is 2016; the last year comprehensive statistics were available.)

Using Existing and Developing Technology before Building or Renovating a Structure

By simulating the energy use of a building, we forecast energy consumption, utility bills, and life cycle costs of various energy-related items such as air conditioning, lights, water, and whole-system efficiency. Most importantly, you can evaluate potential compliance with energy requirements for specific envelope types.

Energy efficiency is about synergy. The highest performance comes from buildings that operate as whole systems rather than trying to squeeze efficiency out of smaller spaces. Examples are closed loop and recovery systems that radically lowers waste from one system by converting its energy source to another. Without even considering environmental benefits, recovery systems save financially on building costs and operations. An added benefit is that prospective tenants are drawn to ecological technology and savings, and better utilization of available space.

At K2D, we are fully aware and involved with the risk reduction, cost control, and time savings faced by owners and developers of complex construction projects. Early engagement with MEP consultants is a particularly effective way to achieve your goals. Our collaborative and multi-disciplinary style brings diverse technical expertise to your specific project. Regardless of size or complexity, we bring one essential constant to every project: the personal touch that your project deserves. As your go-to MEP consultants, K2D is here to make your life easier by providing professional services to ensure your job is done right, on budget, and on time.

For further information or to schedule a consultation, please contact K2D at 310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

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