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MEP Engineering Consulting in Los Angeles

Sustainability is here to stay. According to the U.S. Energy Administration (EIA), electricity accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption. For the commercial sector, electricity consumption is further broken down into HVAC systems at 35% of the total building energy, appliances (such as refrigerators, water heaters, and freezers) at 18%, and lighting at 11%, with the remaining shared among various other electricity uses. This results in tremendous leverage for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) technologies that include solar collectors, ventilation, heat recovery, and much more.

The impact of MEP consultants begins with the original concepts and designs that are cost effective for raw materials, labor, space, subsystem integration, all the way through construction, daily operations, and maintenance. The total synergistic leverage of MEP consultants is endless to achieve a holistic system for cost control and human comfort.

Decreasing the Cost of MEP Subsystem Fabrication

There are many ways to simultaneously reduce the cost of MEP systems while maximizing performance. The use of prefabricated and modular systems can be an important beginning step in several ways. First, these systems are manufactured under controlled conditions using proven processes to attain higher quality than might be possible with on-site construction.

Modular systems make it possible for MEP consultants to simultaneously work with integrated systems to detect and eliminate possible conflicts between components using the most up-to-date computer technology such as cloud-based file sharing. The modular method also makes on-site construction faster to reduce construction time and costs.

Optimize the Layout of Installations

Seamless flow throughout the project optimizes efficiencies. Prefab is a cost-cutter but only the beginning of full optimization. Another important aspect is the total building space required for MEP systems. Not only will less building space save money, but removing as many designed feet of conduit, plumbing, and ventilation reduces cost for material, skilled labor, and ongoing maintenance. Fewer linear feet of material also lower operating costs when heat and/or cooling loss is reduced.

MEP consultants at K2Ddevelop a comprehensive plan that is essential to avoiding costly corrections or workarounds that often result when incomplete design data is released bit by bit.A lack of adequate preparation will make a project more costly. Some avoidable costs can be difficult to calculate and quantify. For instance, workarounds and change orders cause scheduling conflicts for skilled labor. This results in combinations of idle time, paying overtime, and downtime due to skilled labor shortages. A fully comprehensive plan can easily make the difference between accomplishing the most affordable project or paying cost overruns.

At K2D, we are fully aware and involved with the risk reduction, cost control, and time savings faced by owners and developers of complex construction projects. Early engagement with MEP consultants is a particularly effective way to achieve your goals. Our collaborative and multi-disciplinary style brings diverse technical expertise to your specific project. Regardless of size or complexity, we bring one key constant to every project: the personal touch that your project deserves. As your go to MEP consultants, K2D is here to make your life easier by providing professional services to make sure your job is done right, on budget, and on time.

For further information or to schedule a consultation please contact K2D at  310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

Our mission is user comfort, utmost functionality, ease of maintenance, and sustainability

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