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MEP Engineering Consulting in Los Angeles

As members of your construction or renovation team, MEP Consultants contribute the engineering perspective of designing and coordinating fully integrated systems that perform optimally during the entire service life of your facility. The primary focuses for MEP consultants are identifying energy savings, optimizing construction costs, minimizing operating costs, eliminating unnecessary downtime, and finding creative ways to improve performance. Whether you’re planning new construction or renovating an existing property, MEP consultants bring tremendous value to your team that bolsters your bottom line.

‘Going green’ no longer serves only as a good public relations strategy. Today it is an imperative business strategy to control near and long-term facility costs. Back in 2006, a Harvard Business Review determined that “hundreds of U.S. and international studies have proven the financial advantages of going green.” Better financial performance begins with optimized energy-efficient designs and reduced project risk that tracks directly to your bottom line from the very start.

Optimize Energy Efficient Design

Whether new construction or a renovation, every project has unique challenges that need to be solved during the design phase. MEP consultants develop energy modeling and system integration that is tested through virtual simulations. MEP engineers are then able to apply known, creative, and proven computer-tested solutions before construction begins. The result minimizes future energy costs while reducing current construction risks and costs.

K2D MEP consultants take an active role in finding highly effective and low-cost solutions across all disciplines:

Reduce Project Risk

New construction and renovations involve multiple, complex systems. Failing to fully incorporate existing systems or designing new systems in isolation causes delays and cost overruns during construction as well as results with inferior energy savings. Along with integrated designs, MEP consultants at K2D collaborate with all team members for fast turnaround solutions by improving communication and ensuring code compliance to avoid delays.

Improving Your Bottom Line

Everything above the bottom line affects your bottom line. Along with energy savings and lower operating costs that continue for decades, synergistic savings begin during construction by avoiding unnecessary labor and delays, cost-effective material selections, and by eliminating redundancies. An MEP consultant is the team focal that help owners achieve optimal building performance while minimizing startup costs.

As modern facilities grow in complexity, MEP coordination models compensate for added time and effort with highly dependable 3D clash-free designs. These enable better build schedules and budget projections.


The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements of each building are looked at uniquely and in combination. The main purpose of an HVAC system is to maintain the correct indoor air temperature while also providing adequate ventilation and air filtration to deliver the best occupant comfort and indoor air quality. HVAC systems can consume a great deal of energy, so the choice and design of the HVAC system are very important. Custom system selection, design, and automation deliver the best energy conservation. Implementing environmentally-friendly practices for LEED certification assures decreased operational costs, higher lease prices, higher occupancy rates, and establishes confidence for third-party validation of environmentally responsible construction practices. Each of these increases’ asset value.

Lighting and Electrical

Indoor lighting accounts for more than 10% of all electricity usage in the United States. It can also waste a lot of energy. The layout and design of any electrical project makes all the difference in an electrical project. K2D MEP consultants use AutoCAD and REVIT in:

  • Design and Drafting of Lighting Systems
  • Design and Drafting of Power Systems
  • Design and Drafting of Power Distribution Systems
  • Design and Drafting of Fire Protection Systems

We are also at the forefront of the ever-changing and progressive solar industry. Our team of solar engineers has been collaborating with clients on solar energy solutions for decades. Sustainable solutions include solar thermal, solar electric, wind energy, and support utilities.


The plumbing design of any building is just as complex as the structural design. Sustainability and limiting waste require designing for longevity, functionality, and having efficiency in mind. It involves much more than tap water or a hot shower. A fully integrated facility considers:

  • Storm Water design
  • Sewer Waste and Vent Design
  • Domestic Hot and Cold-Water Distribution
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Other special water and waste systems

Fire and Safety

Fire and safety of the building are part of the integrated design. MEP consultants customize the right fire and plumbing solutions to meet specific building needs and code requirements. Inspection and maintenance plans ensure the fire suppression system remains in perfect working order.

  • Engineering and Design
  • Building Retrofit
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Alarm, Detection, and Monitoring
  • Water Testing and Pipe Investigation
  • Service and Inspection
  • Fire Extinguishers

Improving sustainability through green building designs is about much more than being environmentally friendly and lowering energy costs. It is proven to boost corporate image, attract quality tenants, be responsive to employee needs, and positively impact the community.

The best way to achieve optimal building performance and sustainability is by working with the highly reputable professionals at K2D – to apply innovative solutions for mixed-use and retail development, grocery and retail stores, single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use developments, educational, science, and technology facilities, hospitality, office buildings, industrial, institutional, and much more. For further information and/or to schedule an appointment please contact K2D Consulting Engineers at 310.935.3773 for a free quote on your next project or visit to learn more.

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