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Engineering Consulting Services in Los Angeles

The California Energy Commission (CEC) updates Title 24 standards every three years.The proposed 2022 Energy Code update isn’t required yet but will become effective January 1, 2023. K2D is your solution for today’s Title 24 compliance and ready to comply with the 2023 changes.

K2D focuses on energy efficient and detailed drawings that are fully coordinated with everyone involved in the design, build, and certification of commercial and residential projects. Our Title 24 compliance solutions bridge the theory of energy performance with practical solutions that deliver return on investment. It’s common for us to achieve 20% savings in operational efficiency solutions without intense capital costs.

California has the most aggressive energy code regulations in the nation.As a result, the state consumes less energy per square foot of building compared to the nation. Ultimately, when done correctly, energy efficiency benefits the owner’s bottom line.

Professionals for Title 24 Compliance

K2D directs its focus towards reducing building costs, minimizing long-term energy costs, and conforming to Title-24 compliance standards. A primary goal is spearheading the certification process to ensure that entire projects and individual homes pass the inspection hurdles necessary for compliance. Without professional support, Title 24 compliance can be extremely elusive due to the volume of requirements within the code, and the compliance process.

  1. Understand your possible compliance paths.

    The Title 24 energy Code has 3 compliance paths – mandatory, prescriptive, and performance. Mandatory measures must be met. The prescriptive path can be less flexible for new construction but is often a better application for additions, renovations, and alterations. Because it offers the most flexibility, the performance path is most used for new construction. For instance, you can choose larger windows for more natural light but might need to improve your cooling system for better overall thermal performance.

  2. Detailed designs.

    Energy designs will meet specific Title 24 compliance code items. These include Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Solar, and other Renewable Energy design drawings. Obtaining optimum performance requires the designs can be accurately interpreted and constructed by general and subcontractors. Inspection and compliance authorities must also fully understand the entire functionality of these designs.

  3. Title 24 compliance modeling.

    All designs involved with Title 24 compliance must be run through compliance modeling software to assure the design achieves the energy budget for the project. This begins with the building envelope for domestic hot water, cooling, and heating as the baseline.

  4. Operational compliance.

    After the energy model is accepted, the project must demonstrate building commissioning and acceptance testing.Along with the K2D design team, the construction team must be familiar with the required tests. Not meeting operational compliance can delay certificates of occupancy and/or trigger system warranty issues if a system is not functioning as intended.

It is important that all these complex and moving pieces be coordinated by an experienced and proficient design team. K2D focuses not only on Title 24 compliance but just as much on cost considerations and optimizing whole building efficiency.

K2D performs Title 24 calculations, conducts energy modeling, and recommends compliance options. We prepare and certify all necessary compliance reports using approved building energy analysis software. Importantly, we seamlessly interface with your team in a professional and service-focused manner. Title 24 compliance isn’t just mandatory, it’s smart business. We enable you to understand a building’s energy consumption patterns so that you are informed to make energy-saving changes impacting your customers’ comfort, the environment, and your bottom line. For further information or to schedule a consultation with highly reputable professionals at K2D please call 310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

K2D, Helping Build a Greener Tomorrow, Today.

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