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MEP Consultants Los Angeles

Building managers have a deep understanding of the importance to minimize the energy consumption of a building while maintaining occupant comfort. Conversely, project managers understand the need for efficient and LEAN construction practices. The MEP consultants at K2D are expert professionals that bind both energy conservation and LEAN construction practices.

The primary role of MEP consultants is to ensure that all the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are integrated into your construction project from the beginning.

Lean construction maximizes value and minimizes costs during design, planning, and construction while attaining comfortable occupancy. K2D accomplishes lean construction by using designs, integration, and methods that eliminate/minimize activities not adding value to the final construction and by eliminating/reducing waste materials. This is our commitment to energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and environmentally responsible systems in every project we work on.

3 Best Reasons to Have MEP Consultants on Your Project

MEP consultants provide a reliable source of creative and innovative construction solutions. Solutions can be categorized into one of the three most important project goals:

  1. Reducing Your Bottom Line.

    Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are your core construction activities and sources of energy consumption. K2D achieves optimal building performance by maximizing energy efficiency, reducing redundancies, and designing integrated, synergistic systems based on cost-effective construction practices.

  2. Efficient and Advanced Energy Designs.

    Every project and renovation has unique energy and construction challenges requiring custom solutions. The K2D certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) uses specialized strategies for improving performance in:

    • Energy savings

    • Water efficiency

    • CO2 emissions reduction

    • Improved indoor environmental quality

    • Stewardship of resources

    • Sensitivity to their impacts

    Our MEP consultants provide commercial and residential Title 24 Energy Calculation Services to builders, designers, architects, and homeowners. There are many ways to reduce energy consumption including high-efficiency HVAC equipment, lighting retro-fits, LEED designs, photovoltaics, or other resource-efficient and eco-friendly designs.

  3. Project Risk Reduction.

    Whether it is a home, an office high-rise, a mixed-use, or other facilities; today’s construction and building renovations involve multiple, complex systems. These must be professionally integrated by MEP consultants both to simplify construction and optimize operations. Constructing complex systems in isolation results in inflated costs, delays, and lower operating efficiency. K2D instills a positive approach towards full team communication to eliminate delays and achieve full code compliance.

    Our mechanical and electrical engineers provide designs that are cost-effective, run efficiently, and deliver comfort. K2D services include:

    Every MEP consultant at K2D strives to be cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and comfort-focused while achieving optimal performance of all systems using integration and synergy.

At K2D, we are fully aware and involved with the risk reduction, cost control, and time savings faced by owners and developers of complex construction projects. Early engagement with MEP consultants is a particularly effective way to achieve your goals. Our collaborative and multi-disciplinary style brings diverse technical expertise to your specific project. Regardless of size or complexity, we bring one essential constant to every project: the personal touch that your project deserves.

For further information or to schedule a consultation, please contact K2D at 310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

Our mission is user comfort, utmost functionality, ease of maintenance, and sustainability

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